Born in Germany in 1963, Esmeralda Wolfsburg moved to Chicago, where she quickly got wrapped up in the gangster scene.
To escape her ties, she changed her name to Lucy and ran away to San Francisco with thousands of other young Americans to take part in the summer of love. Becoming a hippie and gaining the reputation of Lucy "The Love Bus", many years were spent road tripping and experiencing all that life has to offer.

Having heard of the new hippie scene in North Wales, Lucy jumped a ship bound for North West England, where she now shares her love by transporting people on their wedding day.

Available for Chauffeur Driven Weddings, Lucy has a limo style interior capable of carrying 6 people.

Being used to the California sunshine, Lucy has a huge sunroof, opening front "safari" windows, 8 skyline windows and 6 pop-out side windows. Naturally, being a stunner, photo shoots are her speciality.

It's time to let Lucy "The Love Bus" bring a little Californian sunshine to your Very Special Wedding Day.

Please contact us to check Lucy’s availability


Meet Lucy "The Love Bus" - our 21 Window Samba VW Camper Van

Hire a VW Campervan for your wedding, Flintshire, North Wales VW Wedding Hire, Flintshire, North Wales Weddings in style with our VW Beauty Lucy the Love Bus in Beautiful North Wales

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